Creativity is Connected to Your Core

My intuitions activated around 2011 after an experience of loss, which felt (in all its oddity) almost as if a spiritually planned script as life´s event. Without any apparent reason, I found myself losing my home, financial security, my spouse and old beliefs at the same time and the emotional pressure kept increasing with one event after another for 2 years. Along came first bigger experiences of channelling and seeing through things or situations. I begun to attract new people, who were psychics. This all happened in a form, which my imagination could have not invented. Some might feel it sounds naive to speak of a gift, but the changes which followed after the worst was over, gave me a totally new life. I started to help others by telling of my experiences and found many had similar events going on. These days, I have the best friendships I have had and am an artist, who is intuitive, stronger and more balanced. The World opened more with my heart opening to it first.

With this level of a change taking place inside us, can come connections of totally new people, but in the same living environment, which we thought we already knew. In this case, my home city of about a million people was the stage of my personal metamorphosis. It is usually most comfortable to speak of “a change” to explain better. But what actually happens, is that we arrive to our souls´ home – if not there already and some are. Beliefs we have learnt from the outside, crumble down. I now think, that most urban societies need to in some form to control the masses by offering spiritual contents of freedom in only a limited form.

Before my third eye opened more, I had an interest into Buddhism. I grew up in Europe in a culture of a Protestant national church, which was a part of the schooling. Now, at 48, my art work feel is most who I am, but all art peaces from past came from the same core inside much more than the rootedness I felt as an individual. This way, I am so happy I always trusted my subconciense more than my reason. These days I help people by channelling and my art reflects a deeper energy of the spiritual, but also has more stronger peace into it. Art, intuitions, groundedness, our life…it is all one and the same thing. Even I am an artist, I still enjoy very practical daily chores and I value highly people who work in the society in practical professions.

Artists in the West are many times connected to the ego and so was I after my debute in 1998. Artists need to be heard, to be valued. To be understood. To get reputation or a name as artist. This is all nice. I found deeper happiness as an artist after all these things became more secondary as the art work and spiritual feeling inside the art work took first place.

When I paint, my soul and awareness is connected to the Source. I spiritually swim into just ´being´ and letting the moment guide my brush. I emotionally then fear nothing and need no assurance. A trust with that moment is selfexplanatory and feels creations strenght. Contentment is always there. No boundaries limit paint on canvas. No communications needs rise to define the end-result into some artistic statement. All is then fine, all is the same time changing. One day I might paint a fast line of a mere little black stroke on paper. The next perhaps a very refine and detailed portrait. My skills get company from the Source. Arts feeling varies as the winds normally just flow. The same person – in this case I – settles into ´the now´ visually composing along the energy from the surrounding, the weather of that day, the mood I might have.

All is the same as the same person paints – and still nothing ever is.

My artist name, Sini Kunnas, means in my art work a symbol of its meaning to others. It has been so many years as this name has been promoted and these people believe in the ´development´ of the progress of artistic (possible) success. For their sake, I myself also see my name as an artistic contents high value, because I value them. The more this name becomes known as an artists name, the more freely I can create as sales increase and the more happier my supporters are to see things improving.

Along that, my ability to focus into a deeper artistic creation has more time. So this also means being more in my souls home as I work. But it is not long ago as I applied from the government a new surname. It was a  pritty one I desired and as it did not fit the protocol, it was not given to me. So I then decided to keep this name I have and see how things go on.

I have noticed, that with this spiritual opening, ´home coming´, awareness seems to be more open, more wide to be present with the time. People are never truly alone, but that feeling is familiar to me as well from previous years. A feel of not being connected and of being alone, is in my mind similar to not being connected to the inner self. After we find that connection, right people start to come our way. Before, I felt much more lonelier when in solitude.

As our own spiritual development goes forward, so-to-say, we attract people who resonate to that. No one is above or lower. We just alter the terraine of social connections from one social role to the new one. And we need to move forward with that as well, if we want to live a free life without someone else setting the so-called truth to us from the outside.

Before I thought spiritual talk was a bit over the top. People who spoke of “astral planes” or the aura felt non-grounded. There are different individuals amongst all. We need to find our kind of spiritual people and friends, because spiritual people are also individuals. The path is a journey and nicer to walk with Friends. As an artist, I feel freedom in creation with a connection to my true core. It is networked with similar friends, accepting and respecting clients, the net, spirits, God and loved ones.

All is one and we are individuals with individual abilities. So finding who we are is not losing individuality, but an honest connection to it. The ego is part of it, but has role to serve our true core and not lead it. After opening happens, we lose will to escape ´the now´ into any form of haze – be booze or beliefs – and ´the now´ becomes the main thing. In my case, I never feel bored, even the moment from someone elses eyes might look as a really stupid moment with no noise and no phones ringing. Soon comes the next moment, which can on its part be filled with music, dance and crowds. Nothing separate from the other.

This art peace is called “The Impulses Still” and is in a private collection. Himalayan crystals were in my art studio for a year before I set them into this peace, which has also coral, acrylic and glass on canvas. #crystalsandart #spiritualart #contemporaryart


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