Our Home is Our Visual Kingdom

The home is usually under our leadership as adults. We can there choose, change and create how objects, colours, lighting and settings are. All visual we observe effects our subconsciense sense for form and for a delicate mind, visual is communication. Colours influence us strongly, mostly without the consciense mind even recognizing. A visual inspiration is mixed with visual communications experts clever ideas, the TV altering fast the image we see and ourselves taking part with our presence in viewing what is in front. The visual has a high meaning in a thing we receive into our minds. Altering colours and formation in how objects, lights and colour are in a space, inspires and gives input to our awareness. To speak of decor is only a minor part of the huge impact of the visual things at home, which is a place of deepest emotions and where we can paint the walls or change every object there is. All is about being connected to our visual identity and to truly listen to what it needs. We are a one unit of the mind, the body, our social world and communication. Each one an individual and as we cannot control the society which on its behalf controls the visual around. But we do have visual leadership to our home. The taste of the now sold furniture or decor may not resonate with who we are with visual needs. The whole human history shows the value of the visual communications role from cave drawings to the pyramids. This message is my newest art work. To share to the public angles in how the human is by itself a visual creative life form. If be blind, the mind is still not. Visual is what we see, what we think. It is communication. Artists are especially sensitive to form, colour and light, but so is anyone, who opens that connection, which awaits inside. We cannot continue to allow to hurt ourselves by blocking our visual need for inspiration, harmony, art, visual food or change. If the society makes most things grey and from blocks, it is as much a political signal than something visual. Before we can afford to change things we really desire, we can surf in the net to see the different the surrounding might not offer. Visually to see, to research, to seek is already a visual inspiration for the mind. Give visual gifts to yourself and to people you care about. #visuality #thehumansenses #thecreativemind The Mirror -2008-40x36cm Artist Sini sini6630@gmail.com