Intuitions Belong to Our Earth

Sini Kunnas The Eye of the StormAn intuitive person is not a buff, but intuitive. Just like someone who can run fast is not someone who walks, but runs. The human conscience is wonderful and something to be celebrated. Intuitions were given to the human by nature. In times, when hunters could not always yet see the approaching beast in the woods, they had to intuitively be alert to be safe.

We are now in times, when spirituality is again seen as valuable. All can choose own content with it as I see God has many ways to speak to us. I see there is no wrong or right in how God is in our lives – as long as there is a will for love.

I am an intuitive person, an artist, a speaker and a grounded personality. Even an artist, I see balance and harmony of the spirit as a strenght. As time goes by, the more I see people having so many own thoughts in their heart and a need to self find the way. Adults in general want to understand why things are the way they are, to find peace and happiness.

It is not easy.

Peace is not always in silent form. It can be noise. Music, dance and wild partying with love. A wild party is not necessarily a booze party. It can be a celebration of just needing a wild party of music and dance.

Noise can be peaceful but with no peace. In silence our mind can be distorted of thoughts of misunderstandings and overflow and we want quiet from the silence.

Variety is a value of the World.  A one truth never worked before in spirituality.

I don´t feel it could. Difference is a value to help to expand our awareness to see more of life than we yet know.

Even I write now of intuitions, I need groundedness, concentration and analysing empowering too. All in right proportions. Just like a runner cannot run all the time and a peaceful stroll on the beach has its need too.

For those who are interested, there is a lot of scientific material in the net about intuitions these days and to my joy, science is beginning to note the subject as a part of a natural and valuable thing for the human. Intuitions and spirituality often go hand in hand, but not necessarily. #intuitions #groundedspiritualityIntuitions Sini Kunnas