The Art Work “The Dissolved Roses”

Sini Kunnas The Dissolved Roses 2018

“The Dissolved Roses” 2018

(Height 48 cm,  New York and Helsinki Ava Galleria/ October 2018)

After my friend Sanna passed on due to cancer at the young age of 44, I agreed by invitation to join along a Finnish group exhibition organized by the Ava Gallery in supporting breast cancer treatment causes with the “PINK!”- campaign in New York and Helsinki in October 2018.

Each artist could set in 2 art works, but I wanted to put only this one single art work to contain the feelings I could as art here reflect.

I would like to share this art work to express and open this journey Sanna showed me with wise care.

Cancer treatment is a tough one. The cytostatics and the repeating treatments take a toll. Sanna sometimes told me of the deep discomfort of her intimacy being broken on regular basis each time as her body was over-looked by a new doctor and in hospitals frequent visits for about 2 years.

The cytostatics were given as liquid into the veins. I still remember a photo of her wig hanging on the metal pillar holding the bag as she was again and again at the hospital to intake the medicine.

Beautiful in a classical way she was even at that point, when there were cancer tumors all over in her middle section up from breasts, arm pits, stomach, liver to many other parts and intestines.

Many have cancer without telling they have the illness. It is a quite a common disease in different severity levels. Some make it to recovery. Many don´t.

The emotional needs seem to change with severe illness. There is perhaps not the same energy nor desire to ponder on the deep philosophy on ´the purpose of life´. The now takes first place and gets a deeper meaning the same time.

One cancer researcher ones told me that many people can have changes in the cells without knowing and before the tumors are appearing.

This art work describes the female core in cancer. The breasts are a one important symbol for women themselves. So I chose roses to represent them in my art work.

The glue has hardened the roses to an almost plastic feel with many and repeated lawyers on top.

I have seen some miraculous healings too from cancer. Still, it is a no easy path for anyone even if it would be cured.

Sanna showed me the vastness of her soul by as if emotionally training me to relate to loss before she passed on. We had an agreement to always keep sunshine in our meetings. She was a person whom I remember as “deeply noble”.

“The Dissolved Roses” is an art work to honor her memory and I will always keep her in my heart even she is gone.

The original is on display in New York United Nations headquarters “Pink!” group show which opened the 13th of October and soon in Helsinki with the Ava Gallery show starting October the 30th 2018.

With care,

Artist Sini Kunnas Helsinki 2018

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