Images of the Artist: Past and Present

Artist Sini Kunnas had her debute in Finland in 1998. She celebrated her 20- years art work in 2018 and is known for many painting styles from the vivid black line influenced by the Asian visual traditions to her conceptual art work of art collages on wood (2000-2009) to the mosaic art peaces on tile after 2016.

Sini was born in Finland, but has also lived in the United Kingdom and Unites States. She travels annually and is especially fond of China and the United States.

Her art work is painting, conceptual art, art speeches and teaching as well as creative and intuitive consulting.

Sini believes in the strong role of the visual we connect to from the outside as equally rising from our own subconscience and wishes to support people to the “happier life”.

“I wish my art work inspires and delights You – please feel free to contact for further information. Sincerely, artist Sini Kunnas”

Contact: art studio´s Finland

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