Changes Consulting Introduction

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My consulting of changes is done by mainly planning suggestions for changes to companies as an invited, trusted advisor.

I meet the client in an appointment by starting to overlook the general situation and to discuss it through with the customer. Often we work via Skype.

This consulting service aims to offer a new angle in how to view the current situation.

In this work I use my long-term background in culture and arts since 1998, intuitive consulting experience and security training specializing in human emotional needs as the source of feeling safe – as well as a cause for possible challengies.

Many times people´s work, financies, own situation in life and unrecognized emotional needs are all connected into a one problem situation, which has taken some time to develop.

My customer satisfaction is very high. I value  that my customers experience goodwill and encouragement.

Please contact to email: and ask for more information.

I will be happy to help!

What My Intuitive Changes Consulting Service Can Offer

Changes coaching can support a new direction of choices in relations, in identifying structures, in clarifying the roles of different factors or in defining better one’s own true goal wishes – to mention a few examples.

My Background

is in long-term cultural activity in different ways since 1998, voice broadcasting and media since 1995, representative work as an artistic influencer for more than 20 years, intuitive consulting and advisory groups working on extra sensitive skills as an invited advisor.

In addition to these, I have a degree in security, in which I have focused on emotional needs as important drivers of security and insecurity.

Appointments and Contact

Appointments 2021 by meetings are mainly in Helsinki, Finland, but the service is provided by video hours via the net and Skype across the Globe in EET time zone. Feel free to ask for available times to your time zone area!

The fees are based on an hourly fee for appointments or a project commission agreed with the client when ordering the consultancy service package.


(Please note: Sini Kunnas changes consulting service is not a therapy service. The service provides angles, perspectives, recommendations and different options as thoughts for situations in need for a change.)

Hope to hear from you soon and wishing success!


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