Art is at the Startup Networks

The global startup scene is interesting in its positiveness combined with creativity.

It has begun to interest me as topic to write about. I have published several blogs around ´startup creativity´ and the positive impact of diversity in teams and art ideas. Startup events gather people across the World to share creative ideas, meet and to connect.

I have been fortunate to meet many inspiring startup figures and for this blog interviewed the interesting communications and networking expert Mr. Joppe Quaedvlieg to ask his thoughts on the artistic feel being a part of the startup World.

Joppe Q
Joppe Quaedvlieg

So I sent Joppe these questions and here is what he answered:


Art is within the startup scene in the attitude of cocreation, democracy and diversity.
Also in the creative new with a positive attitude. What else comes to your mind as an artistic part in the startup social networks, that you have known?

Joppe Quaedvlieg:

“What seems to be artistic is that in the startup world it is very common and liked to meetup at events to network. However the connections can go further, and some time much further, than just connecting to do business.

Whenever I see these events and the way that people interact I see people hungry for a ‘real’ connection. It is as if they use the startup world as an excuse to meet. Maybe they find it difficult to ask people directly to meet up in real life and therefore they prefer an excuse like a startup networking event.

In these events it is important that there is art, maybe in the form of a DJ, special food like chocolate insects and cool furniture. It is all the opposite of cold and the opposite of boring, it needs to be exciting, strange and new and an experience. Then, this experience is shared with the people there.

Corporations often try and mimic these particular parts but seem to fail at it. They get the DJ, have the hip newest food and have put up a swing, but it does not create the same energy. It is like the people visiting don’t really wanna be there, or maybe there are too many hidden rules on how to act, what to say and how to dress.

Of course I can’t speak for other people, but those corporate events do not give me a feeling of freedom or an idea that I should express myself. They do the opposite.

And without expression there is no art.”


What is an artist in your view, who are they and where do you believe new arts
phenomenons are arising at?

Joppe Quaedvlieg:

“Since we all express ourselves all the time (even though we are not aware of it), I feel that we are all artists. We create our own realities. Some in our heads, some on a canvas, but it is all creation.

Maybe there is something like an artist 2.0, where the artist has become aware of the ability to create and starts creating flow, expressing both love and hate, sadness and laughter.”

Joppe Q 2
Joppe Quaedvlieg

Joppe Quaedvlieg shares in his answers many interesting points. As an artist, I feel people with many skills are the typical startup characters of the day. When multitalented and positive people are open to new projects and committing into being part of the creative team, new art phenomenons can rise even as a side product.

There is a clear difference in the general mood in contemporary art galleries and the startup events in my opinion: the other has a tint of social presence angst and perhaps general low moods, the other a positive openness and is encouraging ´your fellow man´.

Art rises from there where its spirit is encouraged. Art is a result of a certain emotional meeting-point of spiritual clarity in creativity, recognizing the signs of the time, understanding the social feel in a society and listening to the messages coming out from the vast subconscience and inner core in oneself.

Sometimes people admire courage to be a strong part of true arts creation. I feel that an inner core connection being open is an essense in expressing true art.

Is art now as much present in the gallery than it is activated amongst the young in street art events or the digital projects startup gatherings? I am not sure, but might say in both.

Being in a startup project means to be clear of own role, but recipient to the new. The old-fashioned boss telling what to do next might be gone completely from a startup project. There is no time for closed minds or a fear-based attitude. Even this basic energetic and positive social mood in startup events is as itself already feeding the arts spirit to join in.

lift-2018-4.jpg Sini
Photo by Miika Koskela HCP (S.Kunnas speaking to audience about emotional resurgence 2018)

I feel new art phenomenons of our time rise from places, where many important things meet at the same time. The digital world, business and new financial platforms, creative people finding a new way to connect and share – and where politics and social movements join all these.

I wonder how long the price of a new-born oil painting can hold within all these changes going on in our time. New contents multiply globally along their ability to be shared online fast.

In the last 2 years, I have as an artist had a strong need to meet to speak and with audiencies to discuss the creative signs of our times much more than to paint new paintings alone. All these are one. Our needs to communicate and ways to express just change.

Art is there, where you feel that “yes, art is here“.

So instead of going to the next contemporary art museum opening, I personally seek to be at Slush or the Arctic15- meeting points.

And at the same time, do still follow new paintings images. But published in the net.


Arctic15 5-6 June 2019, Helsinki