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I have changed my style over the 20 years of art creation from collages and the abstract all the way to classical realism and performance art.

Since my debute in 1998, I have created around 1000 originals with nothing other permanent than their change.

My most known works have so far been the acrylics-collage series 2000-2009, which are also at the EMMA Museum collections.

“The Harmonic Swans” is my ongoing paintings series starting from 2019. It expresses groundedness, peace, commitment and care.

This subject begun to interest me right at the eve of the Covid-19 pandemic as uncertainty and fear became a new norm.

The swan is a strong symbol and the colours of my country flag (blue and white) represent an anchor to me in a global platform.

Just like the lakes in Finland are deep blue, so is the white snow every winter present. And after being in the nature here I travel again somewhere- to soon return again.

To be a member at the HIAA (Helsinki International Artists Association) is natural to me due to me as I returned from a multicultural family life to my birth land Finland.

The swans couple is easily recognized as a form across the globe and the abstract painting around it reflects mood.

Just as the Finnish people, so is this bird strong in its spirit. If you go near the nest or its offspring, you might get to know its feisty and sometimes fearsome character. 

“The Harmonic Swans” is a series and the individual names of each painting is not important as is being part of this continuoing series since 2019.

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The swans couple is a symbol of loyalty and commitment across the World.


Sini Kunnas Swans 2020

“The Harmonic Swans” expresses purity and has many spiritual roles in different cultures across.

In real-life, the swan is a stern bird able to survive and to aggressively protect its nest.

The nature is often a place to in silence get our ideas for the global creative work.

Even I am located up North, my creative core has a visions of the international the same time.


The popular theme of the swans represents to me deep contemporary art through this time.

20190917_101648Finland has a strong spiritual history and its people are known for their connection to the nature.

This all is mixed with a equal rights and ambitious business scene with high-tech and the startup wit.

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Artist Sini Kunnas

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Smaller paintings are almost as decorations.
Frames are chosen carefully.
The Harmonic Swans delighted at a firm occasion 2020
By a painting before its delivery to new owner.
At studio 2020.
All copyrights to the artist @sinikunnas