The Harmonic Swans 2019

I have changed my style over the 20 years of art creation from collages and the abstract all the way to classical realism and performance art.

lift-2018-4.jpg Sini

Now at 50, I create from my true core. There is no need for praise or recognition as art is my spiritual home and creative work is attached to how days go.

“The Harmonic Swans” is my new paintings series in 2019.


It expresses groundedness, peace and care in times, when all changed rapidly across the globe. The swans couple is a symbol of loyalty and commitment across the World.


As an artist, I find it very inspiring as so many have painted this subject before me.

That is why I can set it contemporary art ideas of the abstract lines of the water and the feel of an illusion of stability into the painting.

Sini Kunnas Swans 2020

This subject begun to interest me soon after I finished my first arts performance video the same year. The mood in the performance video was opposite of harmony and love.


Since my debute in 1998, I have created around 1000 originals. I paint what I feel with no label to any certain style.

“The Harmonic Swans” expresses groundedness, purity and care. In real-life, the swan is a stern bird able to survive and aggressively protect its nest.


Just like the lakes in Finland are deep blue, so is the white snow every winter present. I am an international Finnish artist. My culture is dear to me and the English language aids me to express my thoughts globally.

I have painted many subjects and the swans couple is my first to have a feeling of groundedness.


For us in my home nation in Finland, the nature is a temple.

We go to its silence to be connected to the wind, the waters, the forest and the cliffs – and ourselves. Our ancient Gods were gods of nature elements.

These old times are still in our ways to think and its spirituality is becoming more accepted as a meaningful thing even we have a Protestant state church.

Now times rapidly change.

The nature is often a place to in silence get our ideas for the global creative work.


The popular theme of two swans represents to me deep contemporary art, even though there are many paintings across the world around the same subject.

Each swans painting has its own mood and vibe. They are mainly esthetic at first, but when having a moment to sit by the paintings, the deep solidity of the couple feels.


The swan has an important symbolic role in my home nation of Finland. This Nordic land has a strong spiritual history and its people are known for their connection to the nature.

This all is mixed with a equal rights and ambitious business scene with high-tech and the startup wit.

Joutsenet 3

The Whooper swan, “the singing swan” as we in Finnish call it, represents settling, loyalty for spouse, purity and has had a role of being sacred in past times.

In a quiet morning misty stillness, the swan feels almost eerie as it calmly swims on a lake near granite cliffs and pine trees just before its noise breaks the silence.


Quote from “In the Finnish epic Kalevala, a swan lives in the Tuoni river located in Tuonela, the underworld realm of the dead. According to the story, whoever killed a swan would perish as well. Jean Sibelius composed the Lemminkäinen Suite based on Kalevala, with the second piece entitled Swan of Tuonela (Tuonelan joutsen). Today, five flying swans are the symbol of the Nordic Countries, the whooper swan (Cygnus cygnus) is the national bird of Finland.”

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