Healing Wall Paintings

Northern Scandinavia is known for its Northern lights and luminous Midsummer nights. Both of these inspire an intuitive artist into an abstract painting flow. I adore Scandinavia all and all, but most its deep North.

By this Northern window in photo last winter I invented the art idea for my abstract Healing Walls in apartments and houses.

The sun sets already in the afternoon in Lapland in December.

The flat had a high view, lots of windows and 2 bedrooms plus a lovely sitting room.

So I chose to start with one wall painting in the kitchen.


Even my role as an artist was to paint, I also wished to have a positive influence sharing thoughts on the decor around the painting.

So I suggested an energizing Lappish Fall colours abstract painting, but aside it kitchen electronics and curtains of metal colour.

The mural itself has reds, deep oranges, ochra and a big white flower in the middle, which represented the Nordic winter spirit. All colours I chose were symbolic to the North.

The painting was made in the winter time, when the days sunlight hours was short so I had to visualize in my mind how the space would be also in the Midsummer, when the night dark does not even arrive.

Here are photos taken later in Spring of the ready painting in its kitchen space.


Soon the apartment got new carpets and furniture as the wall had influence reflecting energy and a good feeling from the kitchen to the whole flat. Many visitors have said it gives them energy, but is not dominating, which would take energy instead of giving.

Later I begun to plan two new wall paintings into the hallway.

I wanted the visitor to feel an uplifting mood already from the entrance. So I suggested two paintings opposite eachother.

When arriving to the flat, one sees first a blue and orangy ochra wall beside one another.

Then the colourful carpet joins in the visual flow as soon one sees the kitchen mural further inside the space. The flat has windows facing two directions with a splendour view across waters and some forests.



These three walls form a unity inside the home with light influencing them in different hours of the day and year.


The blue wall represents the Nordic waters in the Spring, the yellow-ochra wall represents the Fall mushrooms in the Scandinavian forests and the kitchen reddish orange mural represents the Fall Lappish colours with a white winter flower.

The untouched white walls support the colours to feel clean and in balance.

Spotlights will soon be added for the wall colours to show more and the roof lighting changed to suit the paintings.

All my Healing Wall paintings are abstract.



20190614_205735After I had painted the larger areas with a wide brush, begun smaller details with an abstract line.

The corners and the floors are always important.

We use the plugs near the floor and the colour of the panels have significance.


I like to mix minimalism with decorations.

Usually home owners kindly give me a moment to in silence observe the space from roof to bottom before sharing to them my ideas of how to paint. And which wall would suit best for it – as not all do.

The Scandinavian homes have often minimalistic walls instead of lots of tapestry.

My work of these Healing Walls is intuitive artistic work with a realistic, but abstract twist.


I paint a wall by thinking of a good impact it can share from floor level up to the roofs.

I work mainly in Finland, but do travel with my artistic work. Sometimes painting only one wall, sometimes several in a one space.

If you wish for more information of my Healing Abstract Walls art work, please drop me a line.


Artist Sini Kunnas


The Healing Walls art work is copyright protected byCopyright Sini KUnnas

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