Artist Sini Kunnas

Visual Artist and Transformative Coach
Born 12.02.1969 in Espoo/ Finland.

Works and lives in Lapland.

CV 2021

Shortly Of the Arts Path

Sini studied classical painting under the guidance of the Russian masters in Finland at the Repin Institute in 2008.

This teaching was significant, even though she had already had a long artist´s experience at home and abroad since the arts debute in 1998 (Artegrafica / Helsinki).

Before becoming acquainted with classical painting, Kunnas applied the collage technique as an important method in art during 2000-2009.

(See: The EMMA Contemporary Museum collections and acrylics-collage art works.)

Sini has been painting portraits since 2008, but her medium in art creation has many dimensions from the abstract, spiritual art to mere quick drawings.

She is a versatile visual artist, changing her style of works from fast flying black line to performance art or classical painting.

In the #HCPSPIRIT cooperation (2014 – 2019) Sini implemented numerous street art events abroad and at home (New York Manhattan, Malaga Spain, Montenegro Street Art Festival and Arabian street art event Helsinki/ Finland).

In 2015 Kunnas travelled to New York where black and white posters were distributed on the pavements.

Spontanious reactions towards the poster on the walkways were filmed and uploaded to an online image stream on #HCPSPIRIT’s cultural and art sites.

Kunnas can paint on street, paper or even the wall – which ever is the chosen form.

Youth and Years

Art is a mindset, a way to create from the life one lives in. Photo: Miika Koskela/

Kunnas grew up under the guidance of an artist mother in an international home where the spirit of art and communications postmodern thinking were present.

The artist’s second home language English started from school in Surrey at the age of 5 and stayed in the family after returning to her native country Finland at 7 years of age.

Her father worked on negotations around the first digital teams before the internet came and his mentoring influence was to become important for his daughters open mind.

Sini has lived in more than 20 different places, travelling mainly with the family and work.

Due to this international background, she has a diverse creative vision regarding art work being the same time a nationalist and a cosmopolitan, a painter and a speaker, a visionaire and an intuite – as well as an emotional security coach and an environmentalist believing in only realism, when it comes to helping the nature to maintain.

Sam Inkinen: Slush, Superwood, Lift…

Sini Kunnas represented her country in 2002 in Shanghai among 28 international artists under a vast media attention, producing on-site in China two paintings that remained at the Shanghai Art Museum collections.

Kunnas is the only Finn, who has been on the cover of the Shanghai Daily Magazine.


In addition to various exhibitions and art shows, Sini has been an invited advisor in numerous art projects and teams from 1998.

2017 Kunnas acquired additional training as a safety expert, focusing on the contents of emotional security.

Her head teacher at the security college took a stand on Kunnas’s postmodern way to reform safety thinking and understanding through speech.

With this security education, Sini continued to develop new art content, visions and the connection between the general emotional safety needs of this time and the creative contents we make.

At present (2021), Sini influences many teams with supporting the emotional safety-feel of work environments, creative work security and enabling a non-violent presence for expressing spiritual thoughts.

In addition to working in the studio, Sini Kunnas holds online art classes and speeches at various startup events for the public of the spirit of art, the art work and of the different structures of the art field.

In 2021 Sini assists as a planner for the Arctic tourism sector of Lapland by promoting video calls as an intermediator tourism service before travelling is free again.

Some Art Work Memories

The theme of the G12 Helsinki exhibition in Fall 2013 was “Black Noir Memories”. The “black’ represented the symbol of an emotional environment, which was not of the dark but space for own light to emerge from.

Each painting had a different pair, representing a chosen or dreamlike love memory, rising from afar.

This series of black backgrounds and romantic couples was to bring out the thought of freedom as our own relation to our memories. Each painting was a mirage and the couples in them did not exist.

The theme of the Chinese Tea Room (Teemaa/ Helsinki) exhibition in February 2015 was of fast black line on white paper posters in honor of the Chinese New Years celebration.

Kunnas has made over 1000 original works and many are in private homes, the collections of Tapiola- yhtiöt, EMMA museum and at the Shanghai Art Museum.

Street art is dear to her and the creative presence of communicating has been the medium. Kunnas can be at the same time a fast painter. a spontanious performer, a speaker to aim to add safety.

The Present

Artist and changes coach Sini Kunnas lives an international life with her family in Lapland working with the tourism sector, art creation and public speaking.

She is invited into many teams from scientists of the mind to the new travels centers to communicate her ideas and transformative vision to be used in contents development.

She is a columnist of the Arts Daily International Magazine and will begin in 2022 an innovative but non-profit oceans protection project for the young.

Kunnas is the arts representative for #hcpspirit at the British and Commonwealth Chamber of Commerce in Finland, where she works on teams promoting the high value of skills-first- thinking, equality in multicultural teams and positive diversity as high value in entrepreneurship.

Her hobbies are sports, writing, travel and international friends.

Sini Kunnas is known also as a changes coach, who has helped hundreds towards groundedness in creativity and stability.

“The Harmonic Swans” is a painting series Kunnas begun in 2019, a few weeks before the rise of the pandemic. This series represents commitment and purity in the uncertain Covid-19- time.

“If our art work or project roles have no future value in increasing a better life for the now children and soon adults, we might as well retire.”/ Sini Kunnas