Lord Mayor´s Big Curry 2022 International

Traditions, charity and networking across the globe are important.

I am a Finnish national, born in 1969 who begun school in Weybridge, Surrey in the United Kingdom in the days of the 70´s culture. My father worked in interesting digital projects, prior to the times of the internet.

His positive influence to my fearlessness in international arts creativity thinking has been profound.

First school years in Great Britain has influenced my whole life. At the age of 5, school was a mix of reading, mathematics and fun in the form of learning through play and arts.

I still to this day – now at the age of 53 – remember the valuable arts encouragement given by teachers who most likely did not even know the depth of their positive impact to a one creative child in her school uniform. And ofcourse, who could forget the famous stars living in ones home area.

We returned to Finland to start Scandinavian first grade at the age of 7. The two languages became one of the most important assets in my whole life. Finnish was the anchor to my roots and culture, English was the international and global tongue to open doors to the world connections.

With deep gratitude and honor, I am delighted to offer one of my “Harmonic Swans”- paintings for the international sector in Helsinki to take part to the Lord Mayor´s Platinum Jubilee Big Curry charity silent auction for the Queens veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Please see the wonderful auction offers and take part to this unique opportunity to support:


The Lord Mayor´s Big Curry charity auction is open until the 7th of April 2022.

More of my art since 1998 and the painting series “The Harmonic Swans” 2019 at sinikunnas.net

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