Time Arts Gallery 2022 New York

Private exhibition at Manhattan in April 2022 introduced line drawings from 10 years ago.

The line drawing is an ancient way to express the moment.
These drawings were made during a solitaire moment to listen to sound or speeches from iTunes in 2010-2011. Today, we could see they contained formations of sacred geometry.

The creative process is non-analytical and meditative. At the Manhattan gallery opening, many musicians recognized the idea as they
saw the art works on the Time Arts Gallery wall.
Gallery manager April Zhang-Autio was delighted to see so many guests arrive to the opening on the 20th of April 2022.
Opening guests and gallery manager
April Zhang-Autio with artist Sini Kunnas.
Happy encounters make a happy artist at an opening.
Rooftops on a clear day offer a beautiful view over Manhattan.
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The abstract line connects all cultures.